Recon 264111BK: Raptor 2009-14 3rd Brake Light Red LED w/ White LED Cargo Lights - Smoked


Recon 264111BK - Recon Raptor 2009-14 3rd Brake Light Red LED w/ White LED Cargo Lights - Smoked. Ford 09-11 F150 - Red L.E.D. 3rd Brake Light Kit w/ White L.E.D. Cargo Lights - Smoked Lens. All RECON LED 3rd Brake Lights from LMPerformance are Direct Plug-N-Play Replacements with the exception for 2009-2014 Ford F150 & Raptor as these need to be hardwired and the process is very simple and can be completed in less than 60 seconds with simple 3M quick splice connectors. Ford has patented the plug and cannot be reproduced.

Product Summary

Recon 264111BK: Lights - 3rd Brake Light for Ford Raptor 2009-2014
Manufactured by: Recon
Model: 264111BK
Product ID: 660031
Price: $99.95
Condition: New

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RECON TRUCK ACCESSORIES has an important mission and it is twofold: make your truck and SUV look spectacular and make them safe on the road and they have certainly done just that. Their dedication to excellence in quality of product is obvious when you take into consideration the fact that they have been able to garner ISO9000-9006: 2000 certification and ISO/TS 16949 as indications of their quality management techniques. You might ask so what does that mean to me as a customer if I want to buy a RECON TRUCK product and maybe we can put your mind at ease by giving you a little information on just what ISO9000-9006 certification is and how it relates to you the consumer. It does not necessarily certify the actual product quality but it does set certain standards that RECON TRUCK ACCESSORIES and other companies must meet in order to achieve quality results and thus customer satisfaction since the standard was designed by the International Organization for Standardization it is internationally accepted in over one hundred seventy eight countries and certification can mean a lot to both the company and the customer. In a nutshell RECON must adhere to eight quality management principles: the company needs to be cognizant of their customer needs and have as their goal meeting and exceeding those needs, the company must have leadership and organizational skills, everyone in the company should be used according to their abilities, the company should use a process approach, there must be an organized system , there must be continual improvement, a factual approach is used in important decisions and the company should foster mutually beneficial supplier relationships. This was quite a task for RECON TRUCK ACCESSORIES as it is for all companies but by adhering to these principals RECON is in a better position to not only meet the company’s goal of being the best in the marketplace but they will in the end create a primo quality product and ultimately that is good news for you. Products like the Recon Ford F150 and Raptor 2009-13 Amber LED Side Mirror Markers available on the LMPERFORMANCE web site are a vast improvement over the nondescript factory lenses and add an aggressive look and great style to your Ford Truck or Raptor and they have a tough housing that will stand up under harsh weather conditions and the LED lights have outstanding longevity. The side mirror markers serve a dual purpose: they can help light up the road at night and, more importantly, they help other drivers see just how wide your truck is and that is a very important consideration if you are in tight quarters or passing someone on the road. Also on the LMPERFORMANCE web site you will find the RECON LED 3rd Brake Lights for your F150 and Raptor to give even more sui generis styling to your already great looking truck or Raptor with their red LED 3rd Brake Light and White LED Cargo Light you are certain to make an aesthetic statement and be seen on the road. Check out these unique products on the LMPERFORMANCE web site and get them at a competitive price and with free shipping.

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