ACS 27-4-009: Corvette ZR1 Supercharger Monster Hood w/ Polycarbonate Window


ACS 27-4-009 - ACS Corvette ZR1 Supercharger Monster Hood w/ Polycarbonate Window.

The ACS Zr1 Monster hood from LMPerformance, manufactured in ACS’s validated RTM process hood features a DOMED cowl higher than stock and clearance for ALL Superchargers, over 3 '' higher than stock in the center and 1 '' in the rear. Made from its validated RTM process each quality panel will be injected, robotically trimmed, prepped and primed to deliver a new level of quality never seen in the Corvette community. Panels can be installed on any C6 Corvette 2005 and up including coupes, convertibles and Z06.

Product Summary

ACS 27-4-009: Hood for Chevrolet Corvette 2005-2013
Manufactured by: ACS
Model: 27-4-009
Product ID: 659714
Price: $1,599.00
Condition: New

About ACS

History and information about ACS and their products.

Are you in the market for a top quality hood for your Cadillac Escalade or Chevy Camaro? The team at LMPerformance carries some of the best - ACS (Advanced Composite Specialties) hoods to help you make your Cady and Chevy look great. You can be sure you are getting a top of the line ACS Camaro hood and ACS Corvette hoods because ACS uses dry continuous fiberglass mat rather than chopped strand mat used in cheaper brands. Their parts are the same thickness throughout with a smooth finish on both sides of the panel. ACS Camaro hoods & ACS Corvette hoods have no air pockets or dry spots making for a great finish and no gel coat is used. Gel coat can cover a lot of mistakes in manufacturing. Only ACS Camaro & ACS Corvette aftermarket parts are prepped and primed, an added bonus. Buy Camaro hoods for sale to increase the performance!

Our Camaro hoods for sale will further enhance your Camaro's look, LMPerformance carries Camaro splitters, side rockers and extractor inserts. You won't go wrong with ACS and LMPerformance. A great product at a great price and free shipping.

LMPERFORMANCE knows that the purchase of an aftermarket aerodynamic hood , splitter, side rocker and extractor inserts can be a substantial investment and we want you to have the best and that is why we offer ADVANCED COMPSITE SPECILTIES (ACS) products to our consumers. This prestigious company takes great care in providing you with a product that is well thought out and stupendously engineered to fit your Cadillac Escalade or Chevy Camaro perfectly and they are continually working to improve their already excellent product. Having fabricated nearly 100,000 composite components for OEM automotive customers you can be certain they have the expertise needed to meet your car needs with a product that was punctiliously designed in-house and manufactured with stringent standards. Beginning with the care taken by the design engineers, ACS Camaro hoods and ACS Corvette hoods ensure that your purchase will be of optimum quality and fit by testing it and retesting it on their virtual CAD software so that they are no mistakes when it is manufactured. In order to assure customer satisfaction ACS wants their products to meet the same durability standards as the manufacturers and in order to do this they conduct a multiplicity of tests that include things like moisture-crack cycle testing and heat distortion testing and vibration cycle testing. The Camaro hoods for sale use the heaviest and sturdiest tools regardless of the fact that they may be more expensive because they value their reputation for creating a durable product that do not distort wave or deteriorate over time. Great care is given in the selection of raw materials used and these are manufactured and sourced in North America and not overseas and the highest grade resin and other materials are compiled regardless of the fact that they cost more – they want their product to do the job and be the best so that there is no chipping from road debris. They want to make your job easier by fully prepping and priming your part and they also offer a choice of finishes and an elegant black satin finish to some pieces. You can be sure you are getting a top of the line hood with their use of a dry continuous fiberglass mat rather than chopped strand mat used in cheaper brands, with parts that are the same thickness throughout, with a smooth finish on both sides of the panel, and with no air pockets or dry spots making for a great finish, and no gel coat is used since gel coat can cover a lot of mistakes in manufacturing. Their material choice and design techniques result in an aftermarket improvement that is light weight and aerodynamic to meet your desire for a prodigious look and consummate performance. Hoods like the ACS extractor hoods will be a vast improvement over your stock hood not only in appearance but also in its ability to act as a heat extractor thus improving your car’s overall performance Take a look at all of the ACS hoods and performance pieces on the LMPERFORMANCE web site and find the one that best suits your needs at a great price.

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