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Xenon 12135 - XENON Mustang 3 Piece Spoiler 2005-2009 Mustang V8

Xenon Rear Wing

  • Xenon 12135 - XENON Mustang 3 Piece Spoiler 2005-2009 Mustang V8

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Xenon 12135 - XENON Mustang 3 Piece Spoiler 2005-2009 Mustang V8. XENON 2005-Up Mustang 3 Piece Spoiler

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About Xenon

History and information about Xenon and their products.

LMPerformance's searches for manufacturers which have the research and development necessary to manufacture and design state of the art parts which will satisfy our customers and provide them with better then expected results. We believe the manufacture should provide that body styling parts should blend with and complement the body's natural contours. Xenon is a fine example of such a manufacturer. Best of all it is a USA corporation known as American Fabrication Corporation (AFC). The company was founded in 1973 and has been manufacturing polyurethane parts since 1980. AFC operates their tooling, manufacturing and administrative services from their 37,500 sq. ft. facility in Southern California, including a complete pattern and mold department. We believe Xenon is a leader in the automotive styling products industry. Xenon is pronounced as Zee-non.

LMPerformance is especially impressed with Xenon's designing of their parts with the exclusive use of polyurethane for their body styling products. Unlike fiberglass or ABS parts, urethane parts can have endless design features molded into the part for strength, fit and styling, with the thickness of the part being maintained. As an example, to form a fender flare from ABS, plastic is formed over a mold, but the plastic thins when it's stretched, in some places to as little as a 1/16th of an inch. The same flare molded in urethane can have a wall thickness of 1/8th inch maintained throughout the flare. We believe the main benefit of using polyurethane is its toughness and durability that will satisfy our customers for a long time.

Xenon places such importance on design of their parts, LMPerformance believes they have the best designers in the field.. Xenon stylists design each part for the specific vehicle of LMPerformance's customers, to make sure the part accentuates our customers vehicle's design. Making one part for every vehicle would be cheaper and easier, but then you would end up with a part that might look right on some vehicles, but look like an add-on afterthought on others. We found this not to be the case with Xenon.

LMPerformance would like you to consider another advantage of urethane as opposed to Fiberglass or ABS plastic. Urethane can take a hit that greatly distorts the part but reverts to its original shape. In addition, Xenon uses a wax-based mold release film instead of a silicone mold, so less time is needed for painting the parts.

To make sure every Xenon part fits as the designer intended, Xenon claims to have their own tooling department to ensure the quality of the tooling. For example, Xenon Sport Flares are designed to fit directly to the side of the vehicle, without the need for edge trim, which is used by other manufacturers. For cutting edge style and design, maximum toughness and durability, and perfect fit and finish, we recommend Xenon body styling parts.

We believe them to be a leader in the market and a great supplier for body kits, air dams, ground effects, side fender panel scoops, spoilers, hood scoops, panels of all sorts, rear fascia for dual exhaust and many other body parts for Mustangs, Camaros, Chargers and more.

Xenon Warranty, Support, and Contact Information

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Xenon Warranty and Support Page

Xenon Phone Support: 1-800-999-8753

Xenon's Website:

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XENON Camaro Air Dam 1998-02 V8 / V6
5 Stars Mean , Date: 7/17/2009

By: SterlingSS
Ownership: more than 1 year
this is a beautiful front spoiler goes on easy molded well. Gets alot of attention saying how mean and beautiful the car looks coming down the road

Current Mods:
Xenon body kit, Stage 2 tranny upgrade, mild engine mods

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