Agency Power (AP-E60M5-170) Electronic Valve Controlled Exhaust BMW E60 M5 05-10

  • BMW M5 Agency Power Exhaust System
  • BMW M5 Agency Power Exhaust System
  • Agency Power (AP-E60M5-170)  Electronic Valve Controlled Exhaust BMW E60 M5 05-10

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Product Description

Agency Power AP-E60M5-170 - Agency Power Electronic Valve Controlled Exhaust BMW E60 M5 05-10.

Agency Power set out to produce the best exhaust system to appeal to the entire market. The solution is simple, create a high performance, quality built product with variable exhaust sound and performance. The Agency Power valve controlled exhaust gives the user the ability to control the performance and sound of the exhaust with the push of a button. The very high quality, TIG welded, stainless steel is like fitting an OEM component to your vehicle. Including necessary hardware for fitment, there is no cutting, welding, or fixing require. The bolt-on system saves tons of weight off the back end (over 35lbs) of the car compared to the bulky stock unit.

At the push of a remote button, a valve opens up on each muffer giving you a race mode. Where other exhausts are always loud, the Agency Power M5 exhaust can be loud giving you a roaring V10 sound or quieter then stock for smooth city or freeway cruising. With the valves closed, having a conversation, talking on your phone, or listening to music is comfortable. The performance you get from race mode rivals others systems in sound and quality. With the high strung V10 engine, the Agency Power exhaust on its own produces about 15rwhp. This is a typical gain for a catback exhaust system at the wheels. The exhaust is capable of producing up to 40 wheel horsepower with corresponding mods such as our catless headers, underdrive pulley, and a ECU flash.

If your looking for an exhaust that gives you the best of both worlds, then the Agency Power system is a definite choice to keep the luxury of the BMW M5 along with its race inspired roots in one.


  • Muffler with Valve System
  • Mid Pipes
  • Electronic Control Box
  • 2 Remotes
  • Vacuum Lines
  • Clamps and Gaskets

Product Summary

Agency Power AP-E60M5-170: Agency Power Electronic Valve Controlled Exhaust BMW E60 M5 05-10
Agency Power
Manufactured by: Agency Power
Model: AP-E60M5-170
Product ID: 561132
Price: $3,000.00
Condition: New

Agency Power Electronic Valve Controlled Exhaust BMW E60 M5 05-10 Videos

About Agency Power

History and information about Agency Power and their products.

Are aftermarket exhaust systems the right investment for you? Are you interested in a great sound and increased power and increased performance? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. LMPerformance carries the Agency Power exhaust systems for your Audi, BMW, Chevy, Hyundai, Mercedes, Nissan, Scion, Subaru and Volkswagen. The LMPerformance team selected the Agency Power brand of aftermarket exhaust systems for their customers because we know you want the best. They know you are getting top quality with Agency Power aftermarket exhaust systems, quality parts like the full titanium muffler Catback exhaust and the electronically valve controlled mufflers. From the stainless steel TIG robotic welding to the completely polished piping Agency Power produces top of the line products. Agency Power exhaust does in-depth product testing and does racing and quality checks before production. This results in a product you can trust for your performance vehicle.

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