Vararam vr-gto: GTO Cold Air System 2005-06

  • Pontiac GTO Vararam Cold-Air Kit
  • Pontiac GTO Vararam Cold-Air Kit
  • Vararam vr-gto:  GTO Cold Air System 2005-06
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    Vararam GTO Cold Air System 2005-06

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Product Description

Vararam vr-gto - Vararam GTO Cold Air System 2005-06.

This will fit 102mm Throttle Bodies

We set our design target to support 800hp/ 500 cu inch and 7000+RPM, all while keeping the system easy to install and making it a “TRUE” cold air system that breathes better when the hood is “CLOSED” vs. Open on a dyno. (More on this below)

We accomplished this goal through intensive on road and track testing which revealed the shortcomings of every other aftermarket system we tested from US and Australian manufacturers.

They “ALL” suffered from heat soak- the Holden /GTO has a sealed engine compartment. This allows very little air in or out, so these cars run HOT naturally, let alone if the motor is built or supercharged! (Creating more heat, remember, horsepower is heat!)

We tested kits that used many configurations, some went over the radiator some to the fender and others sealed to the hood, ALL of them heat soaked the mass airflow meter and air box assembly. This in turn caused the ECU to pull timing out of the motor and this also forces the tuner to detune for the street or track VS the dyno with the hood open and a fan blowing.

THE VR remedy- At VR we only design our products for the “REAL WORLD” not a static test, because U don’t win races standing still on a Dyno!

Step one - Here we relocated the MAF Meter in-front of the throttle body, this improves response and makes for a more accurate read that any tuner will see on a data logging system ex EFI Live, HP tuners etc…

Step two – Here we placed the MAF meter “INSIDE” the air box with the filter to shield it from the engine heat.

Step three - We created a positive seal around the perimeter of intake plenum chamber. We force feed the chamber via the front grill area by taking the natural pressure rise that occurs here and converting it to velocity via the plenum chamber.

By force feeding the kit we build some pressure inside the plenum chamber which we convert to a rise in velocity in the air filter base inlet design. We confirmed its function by measuring outside temp VS actual MAF measured intake temp the result? The actual measured intake temp was consistently lower than ambient by 2-3deg F.

(This design does create some ram effect but only at speed above 60mph, unlike our other proprietary ram air systems which build positive pressure in the intake manifold at speeds as low as 37MPH!)

Step four - Air filter flow- in testing we found many of the Australian front mount filters either did not flow enough air to support the HP or the angles of the air box were incorrect to flow air at the highest possible VE ( volumetric efficiency) . We flow tested “ALL “of the aftermarket kits US/ Aussie on our in-house superflow flow bench all the way through the cylinder head. The results were well…….., what we expected, by themselves every kit out flowed factory, but just making a big or less restrictive hole truly tells you nothing! Flowing through the head from .100-.600 inches of lift@ 28 inches of water (SAE standard) gives you a true picture of what gains are being realized by each port. We calculated this out to HP and found when we had customers dyno test there numbers were within 1-2hp of what we estimated they would gain, Stock or modified.

We flow tested with stock heads and some modified heads with flow from 248, 252 stock -378CFM on heavily modified heads - LS-2 heads as well as LS-3 & LS-7 heads.

NO other aftermarket system supplied could even feed the “STOCK” heads with the proper amount of airflow they needed from .300 inches-600inches of lift@ 28inches, only the VR accomplished this and did so by a strong margin.

The VR was flowed on a set of “SPECIAL” heads with a “prototype intake manifold” (more on this in spring! no comment will be made by our staff, so don’t ask) what is important is that we were able to feed the airflow required in a complete engine duty cycle on an engine that would see 700-850hp @ 7500rpm.

Actual airfilter flow is between 1350 and 1800CFM @ SAE standard on anybodies flow bench even on a bad day! ( street filter vs race filter spec)

Step five - delivering the flow to the filter- here we have the customer trim the upper most portion of the radiator shroud, this allows for a full 2 inches of clearance across the hood line area when the hood is closed. We measured this at a VE of 90% and came up with 1,725 CFM! (Opening the scoops showed a gain of 300CFM more at 90% VE) 2025CFM if needed!

If this cut is not made it cuts flow by a staggering 50%! Which is why we say flow hood open vs. closed are separate items altogether.

WE have tested; tested and tested as is the VaraRam way and we are very pleased to finally bring you this exiting new kit.

Product Summary

Vararam vr-gto: Vararam GTO Cold Air System 2005-06
Manufactured by: Vararam
Model: vr-gto
Product ID: 559770
Price: $276.10
Condition: New

About Vararam

History and information about Vararam and their products.

If you would like to increase your engines performance by using some of the most efficient air induction systems on earth, LMPerformance is pleased to offer a line of Vararam products.

LMPerformance research has shown that ram air intake works by reducing the intake air velocity by increasing the cross sectional area of the intake ducting. When gas velocity goes down the dynamic pressure is reduced while the static pressure is increased. The increased static pressure in the plenum chamber has a positive effect on engine power, both because of the pressure itself and the increased air density this higher pressure gives.

Your vehicle can become a high-performance vehicle by installing one of our Vararam air induction systems which produce more Power and Torque, offering you more real world performance than any of the other intake system out there. Vararam claims to use the latest in aerodynamic technology and real world testing to produce intake components and parts.

The testing of the VARARAM product is not done in a hurry just to get the job done but rather is a time consuming and demanding process and usually takes up to a full year to be finalized because the evaluation process is only successful when it has evaluated an application’s restrictions and then reduced them successfully to zero, and after that VARARAM force feeds the engine or tunes the system to a particular application. By taking such care during this juncture in the total process VARARAM is able to increase the overall performance of a vehicle to its greatest potential and give you, the customer, a product that you will be happy with. Products like the VARARAM TRI-Power for your GM Truck and SUV, and something that has been lacking in the marketplace for some time, but after careful testing what began as an idea has finally come to fruition – a direct bolt on real ram air system. Forget about the old way of doing things with chopping, drilling and water ingestion and just bolt this baby on for a horsepower gain of anywhere from twenty-five to fifty, and no air meter issues with this product because it has a custom Tri-Power air filter by GREEN that uses air sensor safe oils; and best of all, it is available for your Avalanche, Escalade, Denali, Tahoe, GMC 1500 and 2500 trucks and Chevy 1500 and 2500 trucks. Own something a little smaller say a Corvette C-5, well LMPERFORMANCE and VARARAM thought of you too with the sui generis B2 system that has been evolving since it was first developed and performs as the record setting system it is, and the third time around is definitely a charmer for this performance addition with a retooled upper air box, an increased filter flange area that totally encapsulates the filter, improved box material and other improvements. And improvement is the name of the game when it comes to VARARAM as is evidenced by the Cold Air Super Street System VR for your Camaro that has been redesigned from the original version in order to remove the volume and manual adjustability and then came a tweaking of the cold start operation that was problematic in the Camaro until it was perfect.

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Vararam 4G Air Grabber 2009-17 4th Gen 5.7L Hemi Trucks
5 Stars Looks and performance is Everything, Date: 2/22/2017

By: Ed
Ownership: 0 - 1 day
Fast shipping with this company along with good communications. This cold air kit installed just as the instructions stated. All parts are well made and fit together the way they are suppose too. The direction don't say, but the engine cover goes right back in the stock position. Just turn the PVC fitting toward the back for clearance. It looks good on my 2017 RAM and the sound on acceleration is super. I would purchase this item again. JEL Jacksonville, NC

Current Mods:
2017 RAM Laramie Crew with 67 miles: this is the first mod.

Vararam Camaro Cold Air Super Street System VR for V8 2010-11 (Tune Model)
5 Stars camaro ss no tune model, Date: 6/20/2016

By: cody225
Ownership: more than 1 year
monitoring the incoming air temp on the trinity, the air is around 80 when i am in motion. I doubt any of the under-hood cai's can boast such numbers. the Vararam has made a huge difference in the horsepower. This is one of the best mods without using boost. I can really feel the difference, the faster you go the better it works too. I would recommend a data logger tuner with this mod. in my opinion the under-hoods are a waste of money for sure.

Current Mods:
long tube headers, high-flow cats, muffler delete, trinity 1000, low ohm wires and better plugs.

Vararam Camaro Ram Air Induction System VR DZ-6 for V6 2010-11
5 Stars V8 comp, Date: 4/26/2016

By: johncastle
Ownership: 1 month - 1 year
I installed this product along with a throttle body spacer, lag reducer, MAF, and borla touring exhaust and let me tell you this cars performance rivals that of an ls3 equipped car.

Current Mods:
cold air, MAF, Exhaust, TBSpacer, Lag eliminator

Vararam Corvette C6 Snake Charmer Ram Air 2005-07
5 Stars Vararam SNAKE Charmer Ram air a must ofr any Corvette owner!!, Date: 3/4/2016

By: Shawnm32
Ownership: 1 month - 1 year
My 2005 C6 Corvette was a gem when I purchased it from a local dealer. 35k miles and completely stock. I never keep my cars stock and it is not the same with this Corvette, My Third Corvette(98, 04, now 05). The exhaust woke up the sound and freed up the exhaust flow of my Corvette but it still lacked something, as if 400 hp and 400 lb/ft of torque isn't enough!! The Vararam ram air intake was the item I needed to wake up the beast inside of this car. After a few hours of install time and making sure everything was correct and tight, I drove the car for about 150 miles (50 more than recommended by Vararam)before pushing it to see if I could tell a difference. What a difference the feel of the car is between 50 MPH and 130 mph. The harder you drive the car, the more the Vararam intake makes a difference!! I am completely satisfied that it has added the HP and torque as promised!! I am going to take the car to a local tuner to see what the base number is before the tune and then after the tune but the Vararam Snake charmer is well worth the money!! For less than $300, it changed the feel of the Corvette acceleration and pull at higher speeds. Great investment for a do it your selfer!! The fit and finish of the intake is much improved over early versions of the Vararam as well. I was very impressed with the look, feel, and rigidness of the intake. Could not be happier with a simple and effective modification to my car!!!

Current Mods:
Catback exhaust with x pipe, C7 Z06 wheels, carbon fiber splitter, carbon fiber ZR1 spoiler

Vararam 3G Hemi Under Glass 2003-08 Hemi 5.7L Trucks
5 Stars Great Buy, Date: 1/31/2016

By: Anonymous
Ownership: 1 week - 1 month
The product was awesome and the instructions were down to the zip tie on point. The only issue is this was NOT made for the big horn addition bc the actual air grabber bumper piece goes where the tow hooks go. I myself removed my fog lights. But anyone who''s making a sleeper may need to come up with other preparations. Other than that 5 fn stars ive noticed more power that when I put on the bully dog programmer.

Current Mods:
Magnaflo exhaust, bully dog tuner

Vararam Camaro Cold Air Super Street System VR for V8 2010-11 (no Tune)
4 Stars smooth running but fitment issues, Date: 6/24/2015

By: SS demon
Ownership: 1 day - 1 week
Looked like an easy install until the rubber color was too long and wouldn't fit. With a little trimming it worked and fit together properly. The only other issue I had is the radiator mounts with the long supplied bolts didn't fit, I am going to have to check the forums to see if anyone else has this issue. Otherwise the runnability overall is very smooth, I did the 100 mile relearn and then opened up to wide throttle. Definitely worth it!!!

Current Mods:
Vararam intake(no tune), bbk long tubes, stainless works muffler deletes, spohn sway bars, r1conceepts cross drilled rotors.

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