NGK TR55GP-3403: Platinum (pack of 4) Camaro 1998-02 V8

  • Chevrolet Camaro NGK Spark Plug
  • Chevrolet Camaro NGK Spark Plug
  • NGK TR55GP-3403:  Platinum (pack of 4) Camaro 1998-02 V8

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Product Description

NGK TR55GP-3403 - NGK Platinum pack of 4 Camaro 1998-02 V8. Platinum is a precious metal used by NGK in its long life and/or performance spark plugs. This is because of platinums high melting point which makes it useful in two ways. On a long life spark plugs a thin wafer of platinum is bonded at the firing point to the center electrode (and possibly ground electrode) solely so they dont wear as fast as a traditional plug. On a fine wire performance plug, the very tip of the center electrode is made of platinum so that the fine wire tip will last longer. Do not be fooled, all platinum plugs are not created equal, Platinum is a very expensive precious metal, a $2 platinum spark plug will not have much platinum in it, and therefore will not last as long as a $12 platinum spark plug. NGK platinum plugs contain the highest platinum content in the industry. Some platinum plugs have only the center electrode tipped with platinum, while others have both the center and ground electrodes platinum tipped. (By the way, it is still not suggested that platinum plugs be used on vehicles with nitrous injection. Thus far, there has been no problems reported regarding using iridium plugs with nitrous.)

Product Summary

NGK TR55GP-3403: NGK Platinum (pack of 4) Camaro 1998-02 V8
Manufactured by: NGK
Model: TR55GP-3403
Product ID: 4796
Price: $23.00
Condition: New

About NGK

History and information about NGK and their products.

NGK SPARK PLUG COMPANY was started back in 1936 and began developing spark plugs for automobiles in Japan and quickly expanded and finally established itself in the United States in 1966 and today has a global presence and is the largest supplier of spark plugs in the world – quite an accomplishment. NGK has a facility in Irvine, California where it produces spark plugs and a facility in Sissonville, West Virginia where it produces oxygen sensors and spark plugs. The main part of the insulator in a spark plug is generally made from sintered alumina, a very hard ceramic material with high dielectric strength, and NGK prides itself on being extremely knowledgeable in the area of ceramics and its properties because it knows that ceramics provide the optimum in abrasion and thermal resistance as well as being durable and having excellent electrical insulation properties so their technical team has put this knowledge to good use in the development of their primo spark plugs and oxygen sensors. If you are asking yourself why all the concern for just the right spark plug with inimitable quality, just think about the big job assigned to your car’s spark plug, that of forcing electricity to arc across a gap at an extremely high voltage and then create a spark that has the very important task of producing the ignition for the combustion needed to start the car’s engine. And it all boils down to this, without that spark your car just won’t start and that is not something you want to happen regardless of whether you are headed to work or on the starting line so you want a spark plug you can trust from a company that has been making them for a considerable length of time and has been extremely successful at it. The next thing you might want to take into consideration is the type of metal used in a spark plug since it channels the electric energy from the plug wire through the spark plug while forming a spark, and you can find plugs from NGK with two kinds of metal, Iridium and platinum on the LMPERFORMANCE web site. The advantage of platinum ad iridium plugs over copper plugs is longevity of use with platinum and iridium plugs lasting almost twice as long as copper plugs and the strength, hardness and high melting point of iridium have made it possible for NGK to produce one of the best firing points on the market, and the NGK platinum plugs have the greatest platinum content available in the market unlike some lesser quality plugs that have only the center electrode tipped with platinum. If your Chevrolet, Ford or Pontiac car is experiencing any of these problems it might be time to think about an NGK spark plug: your engine has a rough idle, you have trouble starting your car, your engine misfires, your engine surges, you notice a lack in acceleration or your find that you are using more gas. Find the right spark plug for your car on the LMPERFORMANCE web site and get it at a competitive price

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