Auto Meter AM6175: Cobalt Air/Fuel Ratio 2-1/16


Auto Meter AM6175 - Auto Meter Cobalt Air/Fuel Ratio 2-1/16. Auto Meter Lunar gauges' glowing line of competition instruments feature a bright white dial face, black increments and a silver bezel. When the sun does down, Lunar comes up with a futuristic green glow created by a thin layer of phosphor that's exposed to a mild electric charge. The lighting is wired through the OEM switch and light intensity is controlled in the same way the stock dash lighting would be. Lunar will turn any custom interior into mission control! Works with most OEM and aftermarket oxygen sensors.

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Auto Meter AM6175: Gauges - Air/Fuel for Universal Universal 1950-2011
Auto Meter
Manufactured by: Auto Meter
Model: AM6175
Product ID: 3307
Price: $85.00
Condition: New

About Auto Meter

History and information about Auto Meter and their products.

AUTO METER provides three types of gauges: advanced digital stepper motor, mechanical, and short sweep electric available at LMPerformance. The advanced digital stepper motor gauges by AUTO METER are powered by digitally controlled, rugged stepper motor drives and lab grade solid state sensors. These offer the extreme precision needed by the top racing teams worldwide. They offer the highest level of accuracy.

The AUTO METER mechanical gauges come with Bronze bourdon tube 270 degree sweep movements and durable nylon gearing. These gauges have been a favorite for 50 years. These mechanical gauges require no electrical power for operation making them an ideal choice for racing vehicles with no or low powered electrical systems.

The AUTO METER short sweep electric gauges have advanced 90 degree air core movements and simple three wire installation. Electric sending units keep hazardous fluids in the engine compartment sending collected data via an electrical signal to quick reacting, precise air core movements. This gives you all the information you need.

LMPerformance also carries AUTO METER shift lights. The Quick- Lite Shift- Lite has an Ultra-Fast response, vibration resistant Amber LED light. It is compatible with all external shift light tachometers and DPSS Controllers.

Check out all of our AUTO METER gauges and lights at

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