Eaton ETN-19599-010: Posi Performance Differential GM 87+ Camaro 1987-02 V8 / V6


Eaton ETN-19599-010 - Eaton Posi Performance Differential GM 87+ Camaro 1987-02 V8 / V6. Chevrolet: 7 5/8 in. (7.625) 10-bolt axle, 3.23 and numerical higher gears, 28-spline axles, differential. Big tourque doesn't have to mean big traction problems. Eaton Posi Performance differentials combine carbon friction discs and precision forged gears to give you great traction, even under higher torque loads. Plus, the carbon friction discs produce smooth, quiet performace for the life of your vehicle.

Product Summary

Eaton ETN-19599-010: Differential for Chevrolet Camaro 1987-2002
Manufactured by: Eaton
Model: ETN-19599-010
Product ID: 2380
Price: $549.95
Condition: New

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Do you need a aftermarket differential for your performance Chevy Camaro? carries the Eaton part 19599-10 Eaton Posi Performance Differential GM 87+ Camaro 1987-02 V8 / V6.

Eaton has been in the vehicle business for over 100 years and provides products you can trust. The Eaton aftermarket differential has race-bred carbon friction discs and an automatic limited-slip functionality. The Eaton differential is a superior rebuildable design and in order to prevent wheel-slip Eaton locates carbon disc clutch packs behind each differential side gear. These clutch packs are preloaded by a central spring assembly. When torque input increases the clamping load on the clutch packs increases causing the clutch packs to grab and transfer power to the other wheel. If you want to prevent wheel slip before it can get started choose the Eaton limited-slip differential.

Check out the Eaton Posi Performance Differential for your 1987-02 Camaro at for the best price and best customer service.

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