KYB AGX-734059: AGX Adjustable Shock Rear - GM 1997-04 Grand Prix W-body (each)

  • Pontiac Grand Prix KYB Shock
  • Pontiac Grand Prix KYB Shock

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Product Description

KYB AGX-734059 - KYB AGX Adjustable Shock Rear - GM 1997-04 Grand Prix W-body each. AGX Adjustable Gas Shocks and Strut Cartridges are for the driving enthusiast who owns a sports compact, sports coupe or sports car. KYB AGX shock absorbers allow easy adjustment of the shock damping rate to tune the vehicle’s performance to meet the needs of the street, strip or track. KYB AGX Adjustable Gas shock absorbers are externally adjustable, so there is no need to disconnect or remove anything to change settings. Depending on the vehicle’s configuration, the damping rate is selected with an external knob on the side of the shock body or through a screwdriver inserted into a slot at the top of the strut’s piston rod. The KYB AGX shock absorber’s single damping adjustment changes the shock’s compression and rebound resistance at once. When you want adjustable high performance control, you want KYB AGX Adjustable Gas shock absorbers.

Product Summary

KYB AGX-734059: KYB AGX Adjustable Shock Rear - GM 1997-04 Grand Prix W-body (each)
Manufactured by: KYB
Model: AGX-734059
Product ID: 19538
Price: $159.95
Condition: New

About KYB

History and information about KYB and their products.

KYB can trace its history back to 1919 when it began as the KAYABA RESEARCJ CENTER in Japan, then KYB went on to manufacture hydraulic dampers and became known as the KAYABA MANUFACTURING COMPANY and ultimately became a presence in the United States in 1974 when KYB established a sales subsidiary in this country, and KYB currently has two facilities in Indiana, a warehouse and a manufacturing facility. KYB has positioned itself to be a vanguard in engineering shocks and struts and to achieve manufacturing perfection and this dedication has paid off because they are currently the world’s largest supplier of original equipment and aftermarket shocks and struts and are represented in a multiplicity of automobile models both new and old. KYB has facilities totaling thirty-two and they are represented in twenty=one countries with over ten thousand employees worldwide. KYB can come to your rescue if you have experienced increased bounce when you hit the brakes or if you hear a noise when you brake because it might be time to think about replacing your shocks or your struts since either may have experienced fluid loss or become damaged in some way then it may be time to think about new shocks from KYB. Or you may not be having problems with your shocks at all and simply want to improve your car’s handling and stability and these, as you know, depend on the road surface and with the multiplicity of surfaces most cars drive on this can be a challenge. Shocks that are terrific for highway driving might not do well off-road or on the track and for this reason KYB took on this challenge and as a consequence their team of engineering experts designed the AGX Adjustable shocks that are ideal for the import sport driver and the high performance aficionado who wants to drive on a multiplicity of terrains. These primo shocks are designed to give you the ability to adjust damping and as a consequence you will realize unparalleled handling whether you are driving to work or cruising around the track, and the adjustment can be done easily with four to eight damping rates available for your choosing and, best of all, you will not have to remove any components or recompress any springs--- and it can’t get any simpler than that. You can find the KYB Adjustable AGX shocks for your Pontiac Firebird, Pontiac Grand Prix and Chevrolet Camaro on the LMPERFORMANCE web site and after you have installed them we are sure you will agree with us that they have done everything they purport they do and more. Another great choice from KYB is the GR-2/Excel-G Gas shocks available on the LMPERFORMANCE web site for your Chevrolet Monte Carlo or Pontiac SUNFIRE or the GR-12/Excel Gas shocks for your Pontiac Grand Prix that were conceived to provide inimitable handling with its patented check valve that is designed to reduce foaming and aeration serving to provide a great ride even when the conditions are less than excellent and with both the components and VALVING constructed specifically for individual applications.

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