SCT 9606: Livewire Pedestal Window Mount V8

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  • Ford Mustang SCT Programmer
  • SCT 9606:  Livewire Pedestal Window Mount V8

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Product Description

SCT 9606 - SCT Livewire Pedestal Window Mount V8. Mount your Livewire device on your vehicle's windshield! Mount features several adjustments to allow easy viewing of your Livewire device.NOTE: Not legal of sale or use in California. California customers must use our Livewire 9610 Mount.

Product Summary

SCT 9606: SCT Livewire Pedestal Window Mount V8
Manufactured by: SCT
Model: 9606
Product ID: 19308
Price: $44.95
Condition: New

About SCT

History and information about SCT and their products.

A joining together of the experts in various fields was the start of it all and this unique combination of talent from areas such as racing, calibration, tuning, manufacturing and performance shop experience eventually evolved into the inimitable SCT tuning software that was developed back in 1996. The company has been able to grow through successful management as well as innovation in design and lots of hard work and now their software can be found in twenty-six countries and it has over eleven hundred shops, manufacturers and providers throughout the world – quite an achievement. The combining of SCT with Bully Dog in 2014 gives SCT the added advantage of being able to use the combined talents of each company to provide the latest and greatest when it comes to the improvement in vehicle performance and this benefits their customers as well. When it comes to getting the most from your car’s engine both in horsepower and efficiency you have a challenge facing you but fortunately there are options available to you from SCT that can help you do both with the use of their programmers and tuners. You might ask yourself if these really work or is this just a gimmick so in order to help allay your fears let us tell you a little about what they are and what they do. In essence they are a mini computer and we all know how great those are and the ones that tune your car are also terrific because they serve to monitor things like your turbo boost pressure, RPM’s, coolant temperature, airflow, fuel rail pressure and other important things. Then, believe it or not, they have the ability to change the electronic tuning features of your vehicle’s computer management system and ultimately increase your vehicle’s overall performance. The SCT tuner/programmer can use its sophisticated computer to adjust things like valve lift and other components to increase your speed and acceleration and can improve your vehicle’s gas mileage because the tuner can load operational efficiencies into your vehicle’s original computer through remapping. Plus the tuner can calculate the miles per gallons usage instantly so that you can make adjustments to your driving habits and significantly increase your gas mileage. Well if we have convinced you of the benefits of a programmer/tuner then consider the SCT for its quality, innovative characteristics and SCT’S dedication to safety as well as performance all as evidenced by its long history in the performance tuning market and its success in this arena. The SCT Power Flash Handheld Tuner and the SCT Live Wire 9600 for your Ford vehicles have several DYNO proven tunes already pre-loaded and will give you added horsepower and torque and save you money at the pump. The Fuel Economy tune is specifically designed to help you in the area of fuel consumption and as a result you can usually gain anywhere from one to two miles per gallon depending on how you drive. Get these and the Livewire Window mount on the LMPERFORMANCE and get them at a competitive price and with free shipping and start improving your Ford’s performance today.

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