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Pro-M 92PA, Pro-M 92mm Universal High Flow Mass Air Meter V8

  • Pro-M 92mm Universal High Flow Mass Air Meter V8

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Free ShippingThe Pro-M 92 out flows larger diameter meters by a long shot, due to its bell mouth design, and because the sampling element does not protrude into the opening. The patented 360 sampling design of the Pro-M 92 makes this meter the finest in the industry. No other meter provides a signal as clean as the Pro-M 92. It is, by far, the most accurate meter on the market. Don't settle for the copy produced by the other guys! It does not have 360 degree sampling, and the element hanging into the air path means it does not flow as much as the Pro-M 92 (despite the copy's larger size!) The Pro-M 92 is a universal high flow design available in any calibration you choose. It is capable of supporting over 1500 flywheel HP. A high flow conical air filter is included. Every meter is shipped with a connector that fits your vehicle harness. No goofy pigtail adapters like you get from the other guys!

SCT Applications: These calibrations are intended for use with the SCT software.Be aware that the transfer functions in the SCT software, differ from the actual SCT meter transfer functions by an average of 20%! This is why we offer two different calibrations for each application. Order calibration BA2400A or BA2800A, if you would like your new meter to match the transfer function from the actual SCT meters. Order BA2400S or BA2800S if you would like your new meter to match the SCT software.

Cold Air Kit: tune is intended for TRUE cold air kit tuning where the induction system takes air from out side and not from the engine compartment.
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