Hypertech 42002: Max Energy Programmer for 2003-04 F250/F350 6.0 TD

  • Ford F-Series Truck Hypertech Programmer
  • Ford F-Series Truck Hypertech Programmer
  • Hypertech 42002:  Max Energy Programmer for 2003-04 F250/F350 6.0 TD

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Product Description

Hypertech 42002 - Hypertech Max Energy Programmer for 2003-04 F250/F350 6.0 TD. Programmer extracts every bit of energy possible out of every molecule of fuel giving you more mpg at part throttle and more power at wide open throttle. All this and more... Only from Hypertech!
  • Maximum Horsepower & Torque
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Internet Updateable (USB included)
  • 50-State Emissions Legal
  • Easy Plug-And-Play Installation
  • Power Tuning

Product Summary

Hypertech 42002: Programmer for Ford F-Series Truck 2003-2004
Manufactured by: Hypertech
Model: 42002
Product ID: 18563
Price: $299.00
Condition: New

About Hypertech

History and information about Hypertech and their products.

How difficult is it to tune your car’s complicated computer system might be a question you would pose to someone else but if you asked HYPERTECH they would tell you they can handle that tough job because they have made an investment in just what it takes to do that – a knowledgeable team of engineers and technicians. They know that to get the job done you need the right people and as a result they have electrical engineers, computer scientist and mechanical engineers on board and they are also performance enthusiasts with a love of racing and performance driving. HYPERTECH prides itself on having e a team that is dedicated to the improvement of your car’s performance regardless of where you might choose to drive it and this dedication has earned them a coveted spot in the area of high performance tuning products for today’s computer controlled cars. Automobile engines today are so different from what they were prior to the introduction of electronics into engine control and it, like all electronics today, is an ever changing and evolving technology and HYPERTECH has met the challenge by staying on top of these changes and, in fact, were the creators of the first Power Chips. HYPERTECH has played a significant role in the designing of power tuning products for your car by making use of these constantly evolving advanced electronic engine controls. The evolution of electronic control resulted in the engine tuning information for your car being stored in the memory of your car’s programming unit, just like the memory in your home computer or IPAD, and these systems, as we car owners know, control almost everything about your car. HYPERTECH has been able to take advantage of this innovation and has used it to create their sui generis Power Programmer that permits them entry into your car’s “flash” memory so that the HYPERTECH program can then be downloaded right into your car’s programmable memory. This phenomenal product is not just a tuning chip that can control such things as air/fuel mixture, spark timing and maximum rpm but it is a fantastic self-contained computer that affords the performance aficionado the opportunity of accessing and reprogramming their vehicle’s computer allowing for aftermarket performance changes to be factored in.

The HYPERTECH Max Energy tuner for your Camaro, Mustang, Corvette, Impala, Monte Carlo, GM Trucks, Ford Trucks, Firebird and others on the LMPERFORANCE web site is one of the primo products from HYPERTECH that will increase your car’s power but it also gives you the ability to control things like the limiters for vehicle speed that were built into your cars computer and were set to match the factory tires. Don’t worry if you have changed to bigger tires on your Mustang or other car or if you have changed the rear gear ratio because your Max Energy tuner by HYPERTECH can handle the problems created in your vehicle’s computer when you made these aftermarket changes by allowing you to re-program so that you have the correct speedometer and odometer readings and the correct part-throttle shifting. All of the aftermarket performance upgrades you have garnered for your car can be installed without having to worry about the problems they cause for your factory installed computer system because HYPERTECH has gien you the solution. Peruse the LMPERFORMANCE and see what is available for your car from HYPERTECH and start getting better performance today.

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Hypertech Max Energy Programmer for 2006-08 Sierra/Silverado 6.6L TD
5 Stars Hypertech Max Energy Programmer, Date: 10/21/2013

By: Bassman1
Ownership: more than 1 year
First off if you know the history of programers Hypertech basically invented them, I have tried others and found this one the best, remeber you are modifying big time your trucks computer so it has to be perfect! And you wont have any issues with this one. Increased Power and better fuel milage, plus a myrid of options for adj speedo tire ratio, clearing DTC,s axel ratio's to name a few. I def recommend this programer.

Current Mods:
Hypertech Programed out to level 3, Volant intake, Silverline exhaust, Weston Genx's,Ultra badland wheels,Trex up class grille.

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