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SLP 22100, SLP Flow Booster, 1985-97 TPI / LT-1 Throttle Body

  • SLP Flow Booster, 1985-97 TPI / LT-1 Throttle Body

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Free ShippingSLP's TPI throttle body flow booster does exactly what its name implies; it improves the flow of air at the entrance of your TPI throttle body by 30 CFM. This will result in a measurable horsepower increase. The flow booster is manufactured from aircraft-quality, cast aluminum and includes all installation hardware and instructions for easy bolt-on installation. This one part number fits all V8 TPI throttle bodies.
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4 Stars help, Date: 4/21/2009

By: Coutch
Ownership: 1 day - 1 week

tried to install it in a summit 58tb the instructions are clear and concise BUT it did not fit and the casting looks cheap not like a machined parts I will rewrite this once I get one that will fit and road test it for mph and dyno it Coutch B 93 Camero z28 cam ugrade roller rockers, coil ,kn filter and tornado , 8 mil wires, headers,computer reprogram ,more to come .......

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SLP Exhaust System, 1998-02 Camaro PowerFlo LS1 w/Dual-Dual Slash Cut Tips V8
2 Stars 1998 Camaro, Date: 4/18/2015

By: Scott
Ownership: 1 week - 1 month

Delivery was a nightmare. After they finally arrived thins went down hill. The Power Flo is too quiet - quieter than my Silverado! Fit was horrible. Had to pay muffler shop to take everything apart, cut, and refit. The power flo muffler connections were bent entirely wrong, so we removed them completely and fabricated tailpipes to tips. This allowed the tips to be spaced properly and aligned the same. No more SLP for me

Current Mods:
too many to list

SLP Loudmouth Exhaust Corvette C6 2009-13 Axle-Back w/ Round Tips
5 Stars Load an proud, Date: 4/16/2015

By: Huck
Ownership: 1 day - 1 week

As someone else said a bit load...Just what I wanted.You can definatley tell the difference.Pay some one $100 to install for you.Only are right an left an not marked.because the way car is constructed this makes a difference .Installer had to put pipes on an take off a couple times to get rt an left on right so they angles the right way.Didnt have to drop sway bar as instructions indicated.You don't unbolt muffler at back an drop down you disconnect pipe at header an drop that down an take mufflers off that way.Marking rt an left an a little more instruction would help but love the rumble

Current Mods:
Bbd cold air intake ..2013 Vette

SLP Y-pipe for Firebird 2000-02 V8
3 Stars Fitment not the best, Date: 8/20/2014

By: Nancy
Ownership: 1 day - 1 week

The pipe is certainly a nicer than the stock y-pipe. It's supposed to fit without any issues on my 2002 TA. The holes for the flanges to connect to the catalytic converters are too far apart and had to grind the inner so it would fit like it's supposed to. The outlet is shorter than the stock y-pipe. Going to bring this to an exhaust shop and let them fiddle with it and get it to fit properly. It will be nice once it's done, but not happy about having to bring it elsewhere.

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Magnaflow Catback

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