Zex 82177: EFI Wet Nitrous System - Charger / Magnum 5.7L HEMI 75-125HP


Zex 82177 - Zex EFI Wet Nitrous System - Charger / Magnum 5.7L HEMI 75-125HP. Chrysler’s late model Hemi electronic fuel injected engines are the perfect platform for nitrous injection upgrades. The ZEX™ Charger/Magnum Nitrous System includes all of the parts needed to add anywhere from 75 to 125 more horsepower to your Hemi engine with factory fuel injection system. The ZEX™ Charger/Magnum Nitrous System comes pre-assembled, making for a simple plug and play installation (two hours from start to finish).

  • Safely adds 75 – 125 horsepower to any 2003 and newer EFI Hemi-powered Charger and Magnum
  • Electronic TPS switch activates the nitrous system only at wide open throttle
  • Includes everything needed for an easy, plug and play, 2 hour installation
  • Utilizes ZEX™ Active Fuel Control™ to adjust the nitrous fuel enrichment settings along with variations in bottle pressure

Product Summary

Zex 82177: Nitrous Oxide Kit for Dodge Magnum 2005-2007
Manufactured by: Zex
Model: 82177
Product ID: 16469
Price: $619.95
Condition: New

About Zex

History and information about Zex and their products.

LMPerformance recommends installing Zex Nitrous Systems parts in situations where you want to provide a significant horsepower boost in a simple way in any gasoline engine. Zex Systems allows the injection of nitrous oxide into an engine meaning that more oxygen is available during combustion. Because you have more oxygen, you can also inject more fuel, allowing the same engine to produce more power. LMPerformance believes Nitrous oxide is one of the simplest ways to provide a significant horsepower boost to any gasoline engine, especially with the installation of Zex Nitrous Systems truly superior bolt-on nitrous systems and related component parts.

Founded in 1998, ZEX™ designs and manufactures truly superior parts for the ideal nitrous solution wth integrate advanced engineering technology for any application. LMPerformance believes ZEX™ is able to combine R&D efforts for constant new product developments with innovative designs and custom-fit nitrous systems allowing for easy installation and optimized performance. Zex's claims their patented technological developments such as their Active Fuel Control™ to adjust fuel enrichment with changes in the bottle pressure, now enable safer, more efficient nitrous injection for increased horsepower gains without sacrificing engine safety. Furthermore ZEX's claims because of their modern technology you can be sure that no power-adding parts option is safer, smarter or faster.

When considering installing parts for Nitrous oxide injection, as an option, LMPerformance would like to point out it has another effect that improves performance even more. When it vaporizes, nitrous oxide provides a significant cooling effect on the intake air. When you reduce the intake air temperature, you increase the air's density, and this providing even more oxygen inside the cylinder.

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