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Flowmaster 42583, Flowmaster Muffler Cross-flow 80 Series Camaro 1982-1992 V8 / V6

  • Flowmaster Muffler Cross-flow 80 Series Camaro 1982-1992 V8 / V6

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The Flowmaster Sound is the true tone of American muscle and performance. Available in a wide range of domestic and import applications for automobiles and trucks. Flowmaster mufflers produce more power than OEM and competitive aftermarket products.

80 Series Cross Flow - Two Chamber Mufflers. The 80 Series is designed for applications where the muffler must be mounted transversely (cross-flow) behind the rearend. It provides an aggressive muscle car sound both inside and outside the vehicle. A replacement for early and late model Camaros & Firebirds. Constructed of 16 gauge aluminized steel and fully mig-welded for maximum durability.
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Flowmaster Muffler Review(s)

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Flowmaster Review(s):

Flowmaster Force II Exhaust System Ford Mustang 1999-2004 GT 4.6L V8
5 Stars Great Transaction, Date: 4/28/2015

By: Histyle
Ownership: 1 month - 1 year

Excellent sound - easy install took less than 1 hour.

Current Mods:
Flowmaster II CutBack exhaust. Sequential light kit.

Flowmaster Corvette C7 2014 American Thunder Axle-Back Exhaust
1 Stars Check Engine, Date: 8/12/2014

By: srlewis76
Ownership: 1 day - 1 week

I have the 1lt (base vette non npp exhaust). Installed this part yesterday evening with a friend. There is a video on youtube that was for another manufacturers larger system that helped with removal of the bumper and factory exhaust. On the way to work got a check engine light. Flowmaster is aware of the issue and is going to have me speak with R&D tomorrow!

Current Mods:
This part only!

Flowmaster 2011-12 Mustang 3.7L V6 Force II Axle-Back Exhaust
5 Stars 1 notch above stock, Date: 10/30/2013

By: Heaphchop
Ownership: 1 day - 1 week

I watched countless YouTube vids of axle backs for my car. Let me say they're essentially useless! Based on the videos I had my heart set on a ford racing or borla touring exhaust. They seemed to have the deep sound I was looking for without being obnoxiously loud. I was avoiding the flowmaster setup based on a few videos that made it sound too high-end and not rumbly. I was set to spend 700 on the borlas but stumbled on a vid of the flowmasters that sounded good. So I decided to risk it to save some dough. I'm not disappointed. I put them on in under an hour. The fit is stellar. So easy to line up in the valence, looks great! If you're looking for a crazy loud system this is NOT for you. It's not much louder than stock, but has a much beefier sound. There's no drone in the cabin unless you really are looking for it. At cruising speeds with the radio on you can't hear the exhaust. Dip your toes into the gas tank and it roars pretty good, but again nothing obnoxious. I think it's perfect for a daily driver.

Current Mods:
Bone stock 2014 Mustang V6

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