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RAM Clutches 98951, RAM Powergrip Clutch Kit 2001-04 Mustang 4.6L V8

  • RAM Powergrip Clutch Kit 2001-04 Mustang 4.6L V8

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Max Recommended HP 550**

HDX sets feature increased clamp load pressure plateand 200 series organic disc. Smoothest engaging setups for street/performance vehicles

Powergrip sets feature increased clamp load pressureplates and a 900/300 series combination facing. Goodstreet manners in properly geared cars, some chatter on takeoff at low RPM. Good for street/strip

Powergrip HD sets incorporate the increased clamp load pressure plates and 900 series friction material.Most aggressive of the sets, some chatter at low RPMin lower rear gear cars. Strip/street type setup. A billet flywheel is strongly recommended with these sets

Street Dual clutches provide fantastic driveability in a package capable of holding well in excess of 1000 hpOver 1000 or more than 50/50 race, use 900 series disc option

**HORSEPOWER RATINGS: Many companies are using this 'rating' system on their clutches. We do not torque rate' our clutches, these suggested power levels are arrived at through use in real world applications.

GEARING: Rear gearing plays a critical role in clutch life. As a general rule, the lower the car is geared, the harder the clutch has to work to maintain holding power. This also drastically effects the driveabilityof the clutch system.RAM Clutch Information: Click here for RAM Clutch Information
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